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The Deli

Opening times: Friday, Saturday and Monday 11am - 6pm

Address: Chelsea Farmers Market, 125 Sydney Street, London SW3 6NR

At the end of 2016, Cru8 opened its first ‘Cru8 Deli’ located at the renowned Chelsea Farmers Market, SW3. The full Cru8 range is available to purchase, including the macaroons, crackers, kale crisps and Paleo breads. Nutritious, carefully crafted, delicious breakfast, lunch and supper options are ready to grab and go. Drinks-wise, a selection of cold pressed juices such as the ‘Super Green’ and nut mylks such as ‘Tumeric Almond Mylk’ are available.

Known for its innovative range of nutrient-dense superfood snacks and paleo breads that are free from gluten, wheat, dairy and refined sugar, real food champions Cru8 have taken a permanent shop space where carefully crafted and highly nutritious breakfast, lunch and suppers can be bought.

Cru8’s new Deli Detox Menu will offer ‘Acai raw Grawnola pots with fresh berries, coconut yoghurt and almond cream’, alongside ‘smashed avocado’ and poached eggs on Cru8’s famous ‘Paleo bread’. The lunch menu gleams with super clean and nutritious salads such as their ‘Paleo Asian Salmon bowl’ with tamari roasted salmon, with a whole host of delicious, crisp veggies and toasted sesame dressing and their ‘Raw Beetroot burgers’ served with marinated kale, avocado, hummus and a dill cashew dressing.

Come and visit the Cru8 Deli on Friday, Saturday or Monday 11am - 6pm.

Cru8 Deli, 9B Chelsea Farmers Market, London SW3

Tailor-made Takeaways

Clients are able to tailor individual takeaway menus for the entire day or even two, enabling them to meet their nutritional needs in one single place with ease and convenience. Founder, Alexi, and her team will be on hand to offer expert advice on menu and dietary planning specially tailored to individual customers. Consumers can be safe in the knowledge that they will be eating super-nutritious, carefully balanced food that is created to nourish, energise and increase productivity throughout the day.

Deli Detox Programs Coming Soon!

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