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Grilled Cheese Toasty

Grilled Cheese Toasty

Sandwiches, and toasties are such an easy, filling and tasty snack that it’s so understandable why it’s one of the most missed items when we start living the Keto lifestyle!

Well we think out Keto bread is tastier than carby bread - and much more nutritious! 

In fact our Keto, Paleo, Kale bread is a great taste award winner!

So it is the perfect choice for re-making those much missed cheese toasties!

For this simple, yet delicious Grilled Cheese Toasty you will need:


Keto8 Kale Bread

Cheddar cheese or vegan alternative,

Roasted red and yellow peppers.



Slice Kale Bread, slice cheese, layer cheese onto the kale bread slice, add slices of roasted pepper, add more cheese. Heat your frying pan over medium heat, add a glug of olive or avocado oil. Place the sandwich into the pan and fry until well-browned on one side and then carefully flip it over to brown the other side. If the cheese hasn't melted fully, turn the heat down and place a cover on the pan.


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