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Keto Coconut Ice Lollies

Keto Coconut Ice Lollies

Keto Coconut Ice Lollies Recipe:

2 cups coconut yoghurt, like CoYo 

1 cup coconut/ almond milk 

3 tbs xylitol or to taste 

handful of raspberries

½ cup of avocado slices 

1 cup 90% / sugar free chocolate chips 


Melt the xylitol in a little hot water. Add to the coconut yoghurt and m*lk. Give it a good stir.  Fill the lolly molds three quarters full, add your choice of fruit. To make it properly Keto choose low GI berries and avocado. Freeze overnight. For the chocolate coated lollies, melt 90+% chocolate in a glass bowl over simmering water. Once melted, set aside to cool a little. Coat the lollies partially in melted chocolate and place on wax paper. Add shredded coconut, toasted nuts or cacao nibs for extra crunch. 

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